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CLADEA and TRPP Associates, LLC are collaborating to facilitate a webinar series focused on the White Paper

From Research to Practice: “Meaningful Access and Support-The Path to College Completion”

The paper is a call to action to provide meaningful access and support for all students to increase graduation rates, develop an educated workforce, strengthen the economy, and compete globally. White Paper: and

This five session series addresses the five imperatives of the White Paper and will encourage dialogue leading to specific action steps.

Each session will address a separate imperative from the White Paper. Evidence to support the imperative will be shared. Discussion will center on creating action steps as well as challenges and barriers likely to impede progress.

Join us Friday afternoons 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT to be part of an interactive community of engaged participants seeking to achieve effective change in developmental education:

Presenters: Dr. Martha E. Casazza and Dr. Sharon L. Silverman

The price is $50 for the final session in the series. You may have up to five participants per registration.
Closer to the date of the webinar sessions you select, you will receive information on accessing the webinar.
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